Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tofu Bites

Okay, these are one of my super-easy go-to snacks for my son. They are delicious, somewhat nutritious, and a great finger food for toddlers! I use a firm tofu because it has more protein than medium or soft ("silken") tofu. But, you can use any tofu you like. Most tofu slices really easily and you should be able to make little cubes with any of them. Tofu is high in protein, calcium, iron and magnesium. When I can't get my son to eat his meat, I reach for the tofu! :)

1 block firm tofu, cut into cubes
2 graham crackers, crushed into crumbs
2 tbsp wheat germ

I usually grind the graham crackers and wheat germ together in the food processor. Then I pour the crumb mixture onto a plate and roll the tofu cubes around in it to coat. Or, you could pour the crumb mixture into a plastic sandwich bag with the cubes, then shake them around to coat with the crumbs. You could also add some spices... cinnamon or nutmeg would be great added to the crumb mixture! Enjoy! :)


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