Thursday, May 7, 2009

1st Anniversary Paper Roses

Okay, so I didn't actually make these for my husband for our 1st anniversary. I didn't think of the "anniversary rose" idea until our 2nd anniversary. But, I wanted to post this idea in chronological order starting with the 1st anniversary! So, I just made these paper roses today. I had seen ideas like this online, and thought, "Why should I have to pay someone else to do something that I could easily do myself?" The ones I had seen online used regular paper, which is not as easy to work with as tissue paper! And silly me, I started trying this craft with regular paper from my printer and kept getting frustrated until I glanced to the left of my desk and saw a big stack of tissue paper sitting there! Duh...! Then, as I started making these paper roses, I reminisced on my childhood school days when we made tissue paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo...  Anyways, I LOVE giving gifts from the traditional and/or the modern gift list for anniversaries! That's why I started making roses (for the easier anniversaries... I obviously can't make a crystal rose!). These paper roses are pretty easy to make, and they are a cute way to say "I love you" to your significant other on your special day! :) Your kids can help with this project too! 

What you'll need:
Green Plant Stakes (for the stem)
Green Floral Tape
Tissue Paper (any color is fine... well, maybe not black..)
Silk Leaves (optional... I didn't have any on hand)

What to do:
First, make your "roses". Cut a medium strip of tissue paper in a wavy pattern, then start rolling it up loosely to form a rose shape. As you roll it up, hold the bottom of the paper (about 1/2-inch), and pinch it together so that the rose will stay together and keep its shape. When you're done making your rose, you should have a small "stem" of paper at the bottom. This will make it easier to attach to your plant stake. Take your rose stem and attach it to the plant stake using floral tape. Just hold the "stem" and the stake between your fingers, then start wrapping the tape down and around the stake until the rose is secure. If you would like to add leaves, make sure they have a stem on them, then add the leaf stem to the stake as you are winding your floral tape down. Be sure to only wrap up the stem of the leaf and not the leaf itself. :) When everything is taped and secure, you have made your Paper Roses! Enjoy!


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