Sunday, May 17, 2009


I got this sticker-making device a long time ago at Michael's, but I'm pretty sure they still sell it, or something like it (or something even better). You can also check any craft or hobby store. If not, you can check out the Xyron website. I LOVE being able to make my own stickers! And, I'm sure kids would love to make their own stickers too! This one is really easy to use. Once you have the sticker cartridge in, you create your own sticker (color and cut out a fun paper shape with a cute saying or anything you want), then insert your paper, pull the "tape" through, rub it down a little and tear off the excess tape. Then peel the sticky part to reveal your stickers! You could use this to make name tags, small labels, decorations for a scrapbook, etc... The possibilities are endless! :) I use mine now for little things here and there, but I originally bought it so I could make decorative stickers for my wedding favors (all 200 of them!). It worked perfectly! 


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