Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just wanted to share a couple of projects that I've finished or are works in progress...

The first was a child's apron for our friend's little girl. She just turned 5 and is really into helping her mom in the kitchen. I have never made an apron before, and didn't have a pattern, but I figured it shouldn't be too hard. I was so glad I had this fabric on hand. It's called "Farmer John's Marketplace" by Fabriquilt. I also used some scrap red and black fabric that I had on hand. I love the bright colors and how real the fruits and veggies look! I thought it would be the perfect fabric for an apron. And, since fruits and veggies make up a rainbow of colors, I thought it would be fun to make the fabric pieces into a rainbow design on the apron.

I also added a little personalized pocket in front and a small loop for a dish towel along the waist.

The back has some other scrap fabric of eggs, and I folded the bottom of the apron to make it a little shorter, but it can be easily let out later as she gets taller. I sewed some velcro on the top neck strap and left long straps for the back tie straps. Our friend loves the apron, even though it is still a little big (oops!), and she even wants me to make her a matching one! :)

I'm not sure why this photo won't rotate to vertical, but I guess you can just tip your head sideways... ;)

Here is my favorite block from the start of Quilt #4. As I had mentioned in earlier posts, this will be a wedding signature quilt for my step-sister and her new husband. I am still waiting on a couple more signatures, but I have sewed most of the blocks. I absolutely love that the person who signed this block also drew a pretty flower and winding "vines". It practically matches the fabric! I can't wait to piece all the blocks together for the quilt top! I am so happy to be working on a new quilt, and I just love this fabric too! I also love that these are really big blocks (13 inches each), so it will make it super easy to put together!

I have also been making some capes for little boys. So far, I've made one for my son and one for my nephew. My niece is having a princess party, but there will also be little boys (princes) there too! Since I helped my sister make some tutus for the girls, I thought the boys might enjoy wearing something special too.

They'll be more like superheroes, I guess, but I think they'll have fun with the capes. :)

I'm thinking of adding aprons and capes to my Etsy shop once I open it back up.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quilt #3 Progress...

Okay, so I'm counting this as quilt #3 for the year, since I'm already behind. :/ Technically, it will be my third quilt, since I made one for my son, and one mini quilt before this. I didn't want to have to count the mini quilt, but I have been so busy, that I haven't had much time to quilt! By the way, I sold my mini quilt in my Etsy shop, and I was so happy that I had sold my first quilt (mini or not...)! :)

Yes, this is a very belated Valentine's Day gift for my husband, but he doesn't mind and we both feel that Valentine's Day should be celebrated every day of the year. :) My husband is very excited to use this quilt! This is just the top, so I will have one more post to show the completed quilt. My husband requested a fleece back to the quilt, so I'm waiting on his special order fabric to come in. :) The back will be a simple chocolate brown color fleece. Can you tell my nine-patch blocks are "X's" and "O's"? What a pain that was! I sewed them all separately, which is much more difficult than sewing strips, then cutting. Sigh... Oh well, at least I've learned something from this! After I finished sewing the nine-patch blocks all around the panel, I was sick of them! But, I didn't feel the quilt top was big enough, so I just did a simple patchwork border around my nine-patch blocks. Anyways, I am SO happy I've completed at least the quilt top! I'm basically halfway done with this thing!

I've also started my step-sister's wedding signature quilt blocks, and I'm SO excited to finish her quilt top! Especially since they are nice big 13" blocks (so easy!). Her wedding was this past weekend, and it was beautiful! I ended up with 27 signature blocks (hmmm... odd number), but I'm hoping to get at least 3 more (from people who didn't sign) for an even number of blocks. Otherwise, I will just have to draw some cute pictures on 3 blocks or something! :) I would hate to leave them blank...

I'll post more pics soon!