Sunday, July 31, 2011

Going in Circles Quilt finished!

Well, I've finished the 4th and final quilt for my son... at least until he's older and decides he's into something besides robots, bugs, or transportation. ;)

Here's his "Going in Circles" quilt. I used Ann Kelle's super cute fabric collection, Ready, Set, Go!, along with some other fabrics I had on hand. I had seen this circle-in-a-square pattern in a magazine a while back, and I knew that I wanted to do it someday. I felt this fabric collection was perfect for it! The Easy Circle Cut ruler really made cutting circles much easier! 

I had to wash this right after I finished it, because I love the way the edges of the circles fray in the wash. It looks so cozy and soft! :) I did minimal quilting on this quilt, since I wanted it to stay a little softer. I just did some straight lines 1/4" along the horizontal seams. 

The only part I'm not super happy about is the back. I obviously still have a problem lining up my backs correctly with my fronts. :/  I used some Riley Blake Cheery Circles in green, along with a few leftover blocks to continue the circle theme from the front.

For the binding, I used Ann Kelle's Remix in Bermuda. The colors matched perfectly, and I love the stripes! 

My son is excited to have another quilt to swap out when he's feeling in the mood for a new theme! ;)


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Very Busy Bugs Quilt Finished!

 I finished my son's Eric Carle quilt yesterday!
 I've decided to call it the "Very Busy Bugs" Quilt. :)

Using the panel, and some fat quarters from the Very Series collection, I made alternating modified large log cabin blocks. The "middle" square is a half-square triangle. My first time using triangles... but probably not my last. I really want to be brave and try a quilt using half-square triangles... someday

For the back, I used some leftovers from the collection in a strip between some Kona white. 

I was able to quilt this in half a day, and bind it in a day. I used the Eric Carle dots for the binding, which I love! It was nice to be able to put my swollen feet up and do some hand sewing yesterday. After I took these pics, I added "2011" hand stitched on the back. I'm excited to have this quilt in my son's room, along with all his Eric Carle books. We also have some posters that I'd like to frame and hang on the walls, after they're painted (hubby's job), as well as Eric Carle stuffed animals from Kohl's Cares collections. I'm excited to get everything done and post some pics of my son's new room!

I'm waiting on fabric for some other quilts, but in the meantime, I will be cutting fabric for future quilts... or working on either the baby's room or my son's big boy room some more. :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Robot Quilt Finished!

Yesterday, I finished my son's robot quilt! 

It actually took me about half a day to quilt it, which means, either my fancy machine is super awesome, or I'm getting faster at quilting. Maybe both? I did my usual meandering stipple all over. I wasn't very excited about this quilt, since it is such a simple patchwork design, as well as a little bit busy, but I think the binding makes it look better. 

I used a bunch of robot fabrics from Kokka and Alexander Henry, as well as some grey solid. Since I felt there wasn't enough red in the quilt, I used some Riley Blake circles in red for the binding. 

I used more solid grey on the back of the quilt with an added block using robot scraps. 

I also added a bit of hand-stitching... just the year, so we remember when it was completed. :)

I also finished basting the Eric Carle quilt, so I should be finishing that one up soon too. Yay! I love getting things done! 


Friday, July 15, 2011

Busy... and Works In Progress...

So... here's what I've been working on this week...

I have finished three quilt tops for my son. I figure, instead of going with a theme for his "Big Boy" room, we will just swap things around every once in a while. Here is the Eric Carle quilt top that I finished for him using The Very Series collection of fabrics. One thing I tried different in this quilt... do you see my triangles? ;) I have a whopping two half-square triangles in this quilt. I am getting braver... 

Patchwork robot quilt. I'm not super excited about this one. I think it's a little too busy, and maybe I should have used more solids mixed with the robot fabrics. My son loves it, so I guess that's all that matters, right?

I'm calling this one "Going In Circles". I used the super cute Ready, Set, Go! fabric collection by Ann Kelle, mixed with some orange, yellow and white fabrics that I had on hand. I've been wanting to try one of these circle quilts for a while, and I think this fabric is perfect for it! I think I'm most excited about finishing this one up. :)

I actually made curtains for my sister's nursery using this fabric (It's a Jungle Out There, by Hoffman fabrics), and since I had leftovers, I thought I'd use them to make this nursing pillow cover. Here is some good info on how to make curtains (super easy), and here is a good tutorial for a nursing pillow cover. 

I also made some PJs and a matching burp cloth for my nephew-to-be. Found this cute flannel fabric in the selvedge section at Joann's. Can you tell what my huge mistake was on the pants? 

Duh... I cut the fabric upside-down! Oops! :/

I also made some car seat coolers for my nieces at my mom's request. I have one niece who loves giraffes, and one niece who loves horses. So, I chose fabric that suited them. :) Now to load them with ice packs!

That's it, for now. I will be working on quilt backs this week, and I hope to start quilting on at least one quilt. My son requested the robot quilt to be finished first. Not sure how much I can get done before baby #2 arrives, but I'm gonna do the best I can! :)


Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Ideas...

I've been busy making quilt tops for my son. I've decided instead of having a theme in his "Big Boy" room, we will just change things around every once in a while. Luckily, he's just like his Mama, and loves a lot of different things. So far, I have an Eric Carle quilt top done, and a robot themed quilt in progress. I also plan on making a transportation quilt using Ann Kelle's super cute Ready, Set, Go fabric collection. 

So, I had some little scraps left over from his Eric Carle quilt, and I couldn't see wasting the cute little bugs. Here's what I did instead... 

I just made some super easy applique onesies, using The Very Busy Spider, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the Very Lonely Firefly. I used my fancy schmancy Viking sewing machine to make some letters on a separate piece of fabric, and left it shabby, so the edges will fray a little bit in the wash. Underneath the spider, I put "I'm Busy"... the caterpillar, I put "I'm Hungry"... and since I thought it was too sad to say "I'm Lonely" under the firefly, I opted to sew "Wide Awake" instead. These onesies will be another little gift for our nephew due this fall. 

I also made a caterpillar onesie for our baby girl... due in 2 months! I can't believe we are going to meet her soon! :)

I've been busy getting things cleaned up, and getting the baby's room together. Hopefully I'll have a couple more finished projects to show you all soon! Have a great weekend!