Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good Night Our World Books

My son and I LOVE this book! We got back from a trip to the Carolinas the other day, and we found this book in a gift shop in Charleston, SC. Good Night Charleston is part of a series of books by Mark Jasper and Cooper Kelly. It has a cute little story and great illustrations of some of the places we visited while in Charleston. I didn't realize there was such a large series of them until I looked up the website on the back of the book. There are many different cities and states, as well as some different places families tend to visit such as the zoo, the beach, the lake, etc.! I am excited to add to my son's collection! As you know from my other book posts, I LOVE books that teach kids about different places or cultures, and these books definitely fit this category! You might be able to find these books in your local bookstore, in some gift shops of the cities you visit, at Amazon, or the publisher's website. I think you and your children will love them! :)


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