Sunday, May 10, 2009

Handprint Lillies

I LOVE this idea! I found it in my Family Fun magazine, and I thought it would be a cute thing to do with my son for him to give to his Grandma for Mother's Day. I did mine a little different than how the magazine said to do it, just based on what I had available. It was pretty easy to do, and I think they look just as cute! :) I put most of this craft together, since my son is only 18 months old, but older kids could probably do the whole thing themselves with a little guidance! :) 

What you'll need:
White Card Stock Paper*
Green Card Stock Paper*
Green Straws
Yellow Spoon Straws*
(You can make as many as you like)

*Note: I used Construction Paper and I think it worked fine. They say to use a thicker paper because it keeps its shape better. Family Fun's version used yellow pipe cleaners for the stamen of the lilly. They folded the pipe cleaner in half, then curled down the ends. Check out their version of this craft here. I used yellow spoon straws instead of pipe cleaners because that's all I had on hand. I think either way looks fine. 

What to do:
First, you need a handprint. Borrow your child's hand for a little bit, and trace around their hand, or if you have older kids, they can trace their own hands. If you want to make multiple flowers, you can trace a bunch of hands on one piece of paper if you have a tolerant child, or just trace one hand, cut it out, then use it as a template to trace more handprints. :) Then, draw some paper "leaves", making sure to leave a little "stem" so you can attach the leaves to the straw. Once you have all your "templates" cut out (hands and leaves), start assembling the stem and stamen of the lilly. If you are using yellow spoon straws, cut the straw until it is a good length for the stamen of your lilly (this will depend on how big your child's hand is...). Then, fold the end of the straw (the non-spoon end), and tuck it into the green straw (stem straw). It should stay in there without having to secure it with tape. Next, take your handprint lilly and using a pen or pencil, curl the fingers back just until they look a little curly. Curl the leaves the same way. Then, fold the "lilly" around the "stem", making sure the "stamen" sticks out. Secure the lilly with tape (glue would probably work too, but would take longer to dry). Then attach your leaves underneath the lilly on the "stem", securing them with tape. Your Handprint Lillies are done! :) Enjoy!


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Theresa said...

This was such a precious gift from my grandson! I will treasure it forever!