Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Baby "I Spy" Quilt...

I finished another quilt this weekend!

This one is a baby-sized "I Spy" Quilt for my new nephew... due this fall. I started this before I knew if my sister would be having a boy or a girl, so I used mostly primary colors, or semi-gender-neutral colors. I decided on a stacked coins design for the middle, using 3" by 5" rectangles, alternating solids with prints, with some white sashing in between. This is a great way to use up scraps too! :)

To make the quilt more square, I used some green fabric for borders on the tops and sides. I decided on a brown with polka dots fabric for the binding, and added some ribbons for "tags" as I was sewing on the binding. I did a simple quilt design of wavy lines, and added some hand-stitched letters at the top with the words, "I Spy...". 

I left the back a simple piece of fabric I had on hand... white with yellow and green dots. In the bottom right corner of the quilt, I hand-stitched "2011". I've decided that it will be a good idea to somehow tag the year the quilt is made on all my quilts from now on. :)

I am working on some quilts for my son now, so more pics soon, I hope! 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quilt for Craft Hope Finish

I finally finished my quilt for Craft Hope Project 13 on Monday. I don't know why it took me so long. I guess life just got kinda busy. I sent this out yesterday, as well as the bracelets from Project 12. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I love that it was so simple to put together, and I love the rainbow colors. It would be a great quilt for a kids room! I think I'll have to make a similar one for us to keep here. :) I did simple straight quilting just along the 1/4" seams of the blocks.

I used Anne Kelle's Remix fabric in the Bermuda Zig Zag color. I love how that turned out too! It was the perfect rainbow-y choice for this quilt! I hope that this quilt puts a smile on the face of someone affected by those nasty tornadoes in the South. 

I'll be working on a few projects this week. Some Father's Day gifts for my family, and a few more quilts. Also trying to get things in order before baby #2 gets here. :) 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Craft Hope Projects 12 and 13

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Here are my works in progress for two Craft Hope projects going on right now. Click on the button above to learn more about Craft Hope, and to join in! :) The deadline for both these projects is June 15th.

Here's a pile of bracelets my friends and I made at my baby shower. I am so grateful to everyone for helping me make some bracelets for Craft Hope Project 12. These will be going to some orphaned kids in Russia, and hopefully put a smile on their little faces. During times that I need to put my feet up for a while, I might try to make some more using some leftover embroidery floss. 

I just finished this quilt top today for Craft Hope Project 13. A simple pattern using some fat quarters. I wanted rainbow colors, and I was so glad to have found all the colors I wanted in my stash. I am extremely lacking in purples for some reason. I will probably finish this quilt this week sometime. I'm planning on a simple solid back, and simple quilting. I'm also hoping to make at least one more to send out... we shall see. :) These quilts will be going to the tornado survivors in the Southeastern US. 

I'm also working on another quilt, but I can't post anything about it yet, as it will be a gift. ;)

Hope your week is going well!