Sunday, April 26, 2009

World Snacks Books

My son and I LOVE these "food books" by Amy Wilson Sanger! I think they are so cute! They are designed like a collage, using textiles (paper, fabrics, etc.), and cute little rhymes for the food stories. I love that these books introduce children to different foods around the world! We eat a lot of Asian food in our family, so right now, I only have the First Book of Sushi, and Yum Yum Dim Sum. Also available are Chaat and Sweets, A Little Bit of Soul Food, Hola! Jalapeno, Let's Nosh!, and Mangia! Mangia! I am hoping to eventually get the entire collection. These books may be available at your local bookstore, or through the publisher's website, or at Amazon. We love food so much over here, that we even love to read about it! Then we get hungry... ;) 


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