Saturday, April 18, 2009

Precious Moments Doll

My mom just gave me a bunch of fabric that she had from a long time ago from some sewing projects she didn't get to finish. I LOVE this Precious Moments fabric to make a little stuffed doll! It is simple and so cute! I am so glad I know how to use a sewing machine now! I made this for my son in about an hour, while he took his afternoon nap! I am not sure if this particular fabric is still made or not, but I am sure there are different fabric patterns that are similar to this project that would be something simple for you to make for your child. If you have a sewing machine, all you need to do is make this the same way you would make a pillow. Cut around the shape of the project, then place the front side touching the back side (so it looks inside-out). Sew around the edges, leaving a small space for turning the project right-side out, then stuffing. Once you're done stuffing, sew the opening together by slip-stitching the fabric together. It takes hardly any time to do, and it is something nice and "Mama-Made" for you to be able to give to your child. :)

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