Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wheat Germ

Before I became a Mama, I didn't really know what wheat germ was... I thought, "Oh, it's just some health food that all those super crazy healthy people eat..." Well, I guess I sort of became a little more health conscious when I started feeding my son solid foods. After I did more research, I began making everything myself, and finding these great ideas for incorporating more nutrients into his foods. Wheat germ is packed full of nutrients, so I LOVE it! :) It is high in protein, B vitamins, calcium, vitamins A and E, iron, and folic acid! It is great to sprinkle in or on anything! I've put it in protein shakes and yogurt, covered bananas and tofu in it as a finger food for my son, and I've put it in baked goods. The options are endless! It has a little bit of a sweet/nutty flavor, but mostly you can't taste it much when it's mixed with other things. It comes either toasted or fresh, and its available at most supermarkets or health food stores. Be sure to keep it in the fridge after you open it; since it contains natural oils, it can go rancid. 

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