Friday, July 3, 2009

Red, White, and Blue Popsicles

This is my attempt to be patriotic this July 4th... I pictured these turning out a little differently than they actually did... They look more like "pink, yellow and purple" popsicles! Oh, well! It's close enough, right? 

Anyways, I thought it would be easy to make these popsicles... Boy, was I wrong! My thought was that I could just freeze strawberry, banana and blueberry purees in my popsicle molds. But then I knew I had to do each one separately so the colors wouldn't mix. So, that's what I started to do. I started with the "red" because I knew it had to be on the bottom of the mold so that it would be on top once it was frozen. I figured strawberry puree would be red enough, but it wasn't. That was my first disappointment. Maybe next time I'll add some beets... Then I was thinking, what do I need to do to make the white "whiter"? I used bananas, but then figured they would probably brown a little bit, so I added some lemon juice. But it still wasn't the exact color I was going for, so I added some vanilla yogurt. That looked better. Once the "red" was frozen, I added the "white" (banana mix) on top, then put them back in the freezer. Well, then I get to the blueberries, and I should have known that they aren't actually a true "blue" color! Hmmm... purple... How do I fix that?! Well, there was no fixing it, so that was disappointment number two... So, once the "white" was frozen, I proceeded to get the molds out of the freezer and add the "blue" on top. Ok, good... Yay! I'm almost done! So, I go to put the "stick" part of the popsicle molds in... Well, aren't I a big dork?! Duh! Since the bananas and strawberries underneath the blueberries are already frozen, the stick won't go in!! Well, my bright idea was shot! So here's how the picture above ended up working... I have two different sets of popsicle molds, and let's just say that one is "cheaper" than the other. So, those sticks would only enter the frozen fruit over their dead (broken) bodies! Luckily, I found this other set of popsicle molds with stronger sticks! They pushed their way through the frozen fruit with no problem! I'm hoping they stay attached to the frozen fruit once people start eating them... 

So, long story short... instead of 8 beautiful red, white and blue popsicles... I have 4 beautiful pink, yellow and purple ones! Happy 4th of July! Enjoy! :)

1 cup strawberries, pureed
2 bananas, pureed
1 cup blueberries, pureed
1/4 cup vanilla yogurt

Follow my silly "directions" above, or find an easier way to make these... Then let me know how you did it! :) Good luck! 

*Note: If you want to make this a little sweeter, you can either add a little agave nectar (maybe 1/2 to 1 tsp per puree), or mix each puree with vanilla yogurt... this will make the colors lighter, but since it's already pink, yellow and purple, it probably won't matter. ;)



hyltonta said...

This reminds me of a time that I did something similar with jello.:-) Lots of 'wait' time.
I think your attempt looks good!

Night Owl Mama said...

lol you did good and they look yummy to. and they are healthy too way to sneak it in. Thanks for leaving a comment on my sports post I so appreciate it.

Kristin said...

Hi from SITS! Reminds me of a rocket pop. Yum!!