Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Library Books

We've been going to the library a lot more this summer! There's a fairly new one near our house that opened up last November, and we've already visited a few times. I love it! I am very happy to say that my son LOVES to read! We have a bookshelf in the family room where he is free to pick out books for us to read to him... and he does this quite often throughout the day. I always set aside quiet time before bed and read him at least five or six books. Needless to say, we have TONS of books! There are so many cute ones that I just knew I had to get for him, and our "home library" just keeps getting bigger, much to my husband's dismay (I, however, love having lots of books!). Since money is getting tighter, we've decided to utilize our local library more. So, we've been checking out a few books for our son about every 1 to 2 weeks. Then I get to see which ones he really likes, and I add them to his "book wishlist". Then, I'll hint to family members to get him something from his wishlist for his birthday or Christmas. ;) Since he's only 20 months old, I get to make the selection at the library. I usually know what he will enjoy. Right now, we typically only allow board books, since he's pretty rough on anything with paper... ;) 

Here's our selection from this past week: Colors Everywhere and When I'm Big by Sam McBratney (the author of Guess How Much I Love You), Teeth Are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdick, Blankie by Leslie Patricelli, and Uh-oh, Calico! by Karma Wilson. 

So, wanna guess which ones he likes? 

Yeah... the ones with all the colors in them... not the cutesy pastel-colored ones that Mama likes... Oh, well! I do have to admit, the super colorful ones still have cute stories too. My son really likes the pictures in Blankie, and he loves the rhyming and saying "Uh-oh", when I read Uh-oh, Calico! And it seems like he's really paying attention when I'm reading Teeth Are Not for Biting... anyways, I hope he is. He sits very quietly and listens. :) He's not really a biter, except for when I try to help him brush his teeth... He's getting so independent! But, sometimes he just brushes one side of his mouth, and I want to make sure he gets all his teeth! Anyways, no recent bites... so maybe the book is sinking in! :) I do love all of the "Best Behavior" series books by Elizabeth Verdick, and I'm hoping to add them all to his collection... eventually. As for the other two books... I really like them. They are both super cute stories... just what you'd expect from Sam McBratney. Maybe my son will like them more when he's a little older... 



Reviewer11 said...

Wow, that is a terrific idea, to write down the books he likes and hint them to relatives for gifts.

from SITS :D

supah ~d said...

Do you have places like ONce Upon a Child? Children's resale shop. They often have great condition books that look like new for really cheap. :) Great way to build a library.

Thanks for your comments! Here's to wavy hair and pajamas..and crazy mama's.. ( that parts me.) lol


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by from SITS today. I always love book recommendations for my kids!!

Rhonda said...

I think I have about 40 items checked out of our library right now!! AND, the girls all wanted to go on the computer at home, which leads to fights, so off we went to the library where everyone could get their own computer. And it's got the pefect one hour limit so that the summer isn't spent at the computer!

Nina@PlaygroundforParents said...

Thanks for coming by my blog!
Kudos for you in developing a love for reading in your lil man. When you're ready to actually teach him to read, i totally recommend Hooked On Phonics. Taught daughter #1 to read at age 2 w/ their system. They need to start paying me for my testimonials. Truly.

SugarandSpice said...

Reading to my kids before bed is one of my favorite times of the day!