Friday, July 3, 2009

Coffee Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Don't you just love dessert for breakfast?! This has got to be my favorite pancake mix ever... so far...! I obviously don't give these pancakes to my son since they have coffee in them, but my husband and I LOVE these pancakes! We don't have them very often, so they are a special treat, and let me tell you they are so delicious! The first time I had these, my sister-in-law had gotten us a canister of mix, and I immediately thought, "Coffee and chocolate for breakfast?! Sounds perfect!"... then we tried them, and they were! Since I'm not a maple syrup fan, I drizzled mine with caramel sauce (you know, the kind you put on ice cream..?)! It was the perfect topping to this already decadent dessert... I mean breakfast... And it paired so well with my big mug of coffee (yes, more coffee...)! Try it sometime! :) I have found this at Cost Plus World Market, but you can also order it online at Mezzetta's website. Look under Kona Coast products. I am thinking of creating my own recipe for these sometime... Maybe I'll make them healthier... yeah, right! 


Alicia said...

those look yummy!!!

Marina@EBMR said...

yummy yummy!I must try this!

I'm coming over from SITS..Do bunny hop over to and enter 3 great giveaways (I love all 3 :>)

MaricrisG said...

You know Mel, you can give them to me anytime! I love Coffee and anything with Coffee flavor in them. I'm not obsessed promised. I should try this one time. This is a neat idea. Thanks for sharing! Happy 4th!

Night Owl Mama said...

with carmel that is just EVIL but sounds so so yummy