Friday, July 3, 2009

Coffee Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Don't you just love dessert for breakfast?! This has got to be my favorite pancake mix ever... so far...! I obviously don't give these pancakes to my son since they have coffee in them, but my husband and I LOVE these pancakes! We don't have them very often, so they are a special treat, and let me tell you they are so delicious! The first time I had these, my sister-in-law had gotten us a canister of mix, and I immediately thought, "Coffee and chocolate for breakfast?! Sounds perfect!"... then we tried them, and they were! Since I'm not a maple syrup fan, I drizzled mine with caramel sauce (you know, the kind you put on ice cream..?)! It was the perfect topping to this already decadent dessert... I mean breakfast... And it paired so well with my big mug of coffee (yes, more coffee...)! Try it sometime! :) I have found this at Cost Plus World Market, but you can also order it online at Mezzetta's website. Look under Kona Coast products. I am thinking of creating my own recipe for these sometime... Maybe I'll make them healthier... yeah, right! 


Alicia said...

those look yummy!!!

Marina said...

yummy yummy!I must try this!

I'm coming over from SITS..Do bunny hop over to and enter 3 great giveaways (I love all 3 :>)

Maricris Zen Mama said...

You know Mel, you can give them to me anytime! I love Coffee and anything with Coffee flavor in them. I'm not obsessed promised. I should try this one time. This is a neat idea. Thanks for sharing! Happy 4th!

Night Owl Mama said...

with carmel that is just EVIL but sounds so so yummy