Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mac and Peas

I was having a really rough time this past week... trying to get my son to eat anything nutritious! I don't know why this happens. He has some really great weeks of eating "normal", and I think, "maybe he's changed and he's going to be a good eater from now on"... But then we have frustrating weeks like this past one where he turns down almost anything I make for him. It is frustrating, and I have no idea where he gets it from... my husband and I are both good eaters! Anyways, this week it seemed my son would only eat anything "bread" related... crescent rolls, crackers, pasta... So, I've had to be really creative this week. I made this new Mac and Cheese where I snuck in extra protein and veggies (I can't believe I'm having to resort to sneakiness!). I mixed in some tofu with the cheese sauce, then added sweet potato puree and peas. It was very successful! I tried some too... and it was delicious! This is going to be one of my new "go-to" recipes when my son is feeling picky again! Enjoy! :)


2 cups small pasta (I used elbows)
1/4 cup tofu (I use firm since it has more protein)
1/2 cup milk
1-1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 cup sweet potato puree
1/4 cup frozen peas
Dash of pepper

Cook pasta per package directions.
In a food processor or blender, puree together tofu with 1/2 cup milk until smooth. Heat tofu mixture over medium heat until warm. Slowly whisk in cheese until melted evenly, and mixture becomes smooth. Reduce heat to low. Add sweet potato puree and stir until combined. Add pasta and frozen peas. Stir until evenly coated with cheese sauce, and peas are cooked (this only takes a minute or two). Add pepper to taste. Serve and enjoy!



Multiple personalities.. said...

Hi Mama Mel! Awesome to see you on my blog this morning! Mac and peas....looks yummy! I've never tried incorporating tofu into my cheese sauce, but that looks pretty darned good. I'm a tofu lover, grew up on it, and I've been looking for ways to sneak it into food for my finicky guys at home. Thanks for sharing Mama! Oh-so lovely to 'see' you again!

Amanda said...

Mac and Peas is genious! It's great to see that your perseverance of a good healthy diet is winning over your sons pickiness! Don't get discouraged, I bet you come up with some really great ways to integrate healthy habits in every kids favorite meals! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Christine said...

I am going to definitely hold on to that recipe. My little one is (9 months) is venturing into new foods and this looks like an easy one. I love the added protein and veggies!