Friday, July 24, 2009

My Backyard Herbs

I am posting a picture of some of my herbs to enter into Squirrel Queen's Farmer's Market Challenge this weekend. Check her site out and enter your photos of your local Farmer's Market or your backyard garden.

I am growing some tomatoes and bell peppers in my backyard planter too and I was hoping to have some of them in this pic too, but they weren't quite ready yet.  However, my herbs are growing like crazy! I have a bunch of basil, sage, rosemary and thyme, and I love using them in my cooking. The best part is, I can just walk outside, snip some fresh herbs, rinse them, then start chopping! I just LOVE the smell of fresh herbs!

I put my herbs in little brown bags and my mini shopping cart to make it look like I was doing some serious "shopping" in my backyard. ;) 



Multiple personalities.. said...

Ok, I need to know...where did you get that adorable mini shopping cart?? I have to have one! That is just adorable. Thanks for sharing!

The Daily Dose said...

Your herbs look beautiful! I can't seem to get mine to grow quite that big...possibly because I leave town sometimes and they don't get watered for a few days? I love your blog. I can't wait to make my first sock animal.

Mama Mel said...

Multiple personalities: I can't remember where I got it... I've had it so long! I think maybe Target a long time ago. But I found some on Amazon that are similar... I think they are a little bit smaller, though. Check here:

Mama Mel said...

Daily Dose: I have a drip system in my outside planter that is on a watering schedule. Makes it much easier! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and joining me on my Pay It Forward journey!! Can you email me your address so I can post your present? My email is:

SquirrelQueen said...

Mama Mel,
Your herbs are beautiful, much better looking than the ones I try to grow. That little shopping cart is so cute. I think I will take a look at the one on Amazon, thanks for the link.

Thank you for taking part in the challenge, this is so much fun.

Have a great weekend,

Night Owl Mama said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

luv your picture its great good luck

come on by

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This is great! my husband planted a salsa garden with tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers and cilantro. We are getting tomatoes and hot peppers but still waiting on the sweet peppers. I totally want to plant an herb garden. Thanks for the inspiration!
Happy Saturday SITS sharefest!

Lynn said...

Your basil is huge!! Do you share your garden secrets? :D

Honeygo Beasley said...

Yes, those herbs look awesome, especially in that mini shopping cart. I love fresh herbs; they can make any plain old dish into something spectacular.

MzzLily said...

I've just started growing herbs. I planted some chives in a small flower garden. Yum! I plan on expanding the selection next spring. It is wonderful to step outside for fresh herbs. You have a great selection.

Jejune said...

That mini shopping cart is SO adorable! It's just perfect with your herbs. For a second I thought you'd grown HUGE GIANT herbs, LOL ;)

I have parsley, sage, mint, and rosemary in my garden, and I agree - there's nothing better than fresh herbs for cooking.