Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Life!

Okay, so this really doesn't have anything to do with cooking or crafts... But, I'm introducing you to my other passion (one of many...). I LOVE taking pictures of wildlife! I am not a pro-photographer or anything, but I love my Nikon cameras, and I love experimenting, taking unique photos of nature and wildlife! Now, these pictures are not very unique, but I wanted to capture this exciting event in our backyard. I am not a huge fan of doves. I think they are kinda stupid birds. There are so many here in AZ, and it seems like they love to fly directly in front of moving cars like Kamikaze dive bombers! Or, they'll just sit in the road waiting to be hit by a car... Nevertheless, I was happy to see that a mother dove chose our Texas Ebony to build a nest for her babies!  I soooo wanted a good picture of her feeding the babies, but I also didn't want to risk scaring her away and abandoning her babies. So, I took this pic through my window, which needs some serious cleaning...
Here's mama bird covering her babies. I have to say, she picked a great spot. It was relatively high up the tree. I had to use a stool to get better pics. And if you are unfamiliar with Texas Ebony, they are very thorny trees, so the only one bothering her was me. ;) I used the super-zoom lens as much as possible. When she was out getting food, I got to snap some pics of the babies. 

They're so little here! You can barely see the tops of their heads!

It's amazing how fast they grow! I thought humans were fast... I can't imagine being a mama bird and having to let go so soon! I'm glad I at least have 17 more years with my baby... hoping for more! :(

A little while after I took this last picture, the babies flew away! Sniff... bye babies! Be safe! :)


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Holly Noelle said...

That's so cool! I <3 birds! One of my nicknames for my DD is "my little blackbird" and "my little songbird" is another!
(found you through SITS)