Sunday, June 7, 2009

2nd Anniversary Cotton "Roses"

I LOVE giving a little something from the traditional anniversary gift list every year. I made these cotton roses for my husband for our 2nd Anniversary. Most of these "roses" are pretty easy to make. They just take a little patience. For the harder ones, I try to get ideas online, or I just order them! :). You can make as many or as little of these as you like. I usually buy some roses for my husband, then add a couple of these homemade ones to the vase! :) You could probably do this craft activity with your kids too! 

What you'll need:
Cotton Balls
Green Plant Stakes
Green Floral Tape
Silk Leaves (optional)

What to do:
Take a cotton ball and shape it into a "rose" shape. I usually just tug the cotton gently with my fingers until it sort of resembles a rose. I also poke the top center a little to make it look like the inside of a rose. Shape the bottom of the "rose" by tapering it off a little bit to resemble the beginning of the stem. Poke the plant stake through the bottom portion of your "rose" with the pointy side up. Gather cotton around the plant stake, then begin securing it with the floral tape by wrapping it tightly and twisting it down and around the stake. If you would like to add leaves, make sure they have a little bit of a stem on them. Then, stick the stem portion in between the stake and the tape as you are wrapping it down, making sure the leave portion does not get wrapped up in the tape. If you want, you could probably add color to these roses by spray painting them or something. :)


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Morgan said...

Where did you find the list of anniversary gifts? I had never heard of cotton roses before.

I like the cool ideas you have on your blog!