Monday, June 15, 2009

ABC Block Books

My son LOVES these little books! And of course, I love that he loves them! Every time I ask him, "Do you want to read some books?", he points to this box of books on the top shelf! He loves taking the box and pouring all the books out on the floor... similar to what he does with his big bag of blocks! Then he picks one out and we read it together! Each book has four cute pictures matched with four words that begin with that letter. For example, "A" has apple, alligator, airplane, and ant. So, he's learning his words at the same time he's reading them! I'm hoping he'll start saying more words... :) These books are the perfect size for little hands, and since they are chunky board books, they are harder to destroy! They are also a good size for stacking! Come to think of it, they are a good travel size too! You can put a few in the diaper bag or your carry-on luggage and have some little books for your toddler to flip through in the car or on the plane! My son loves flipping through the pages to find different things, and he's learning! I'll ask him, "Where is the apple?" and he flips the page until he finds it, then pretends to eat it! So cute! Now I just need to get him to say, "apple"...  I ordered my box of books through Amazon, but I'm sure they are available at your local bookstore. You can also check out the publisher's website. Happy reading! 


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