Saturday, September 21, 2013

Something for me...

Every once in awhile, I become a little selfish. I have been making quilts since 2009. I've made one for many members of my family, new babies, charities... I had yet to make one for myself. So, of course the fabric I wanted to finally cut up and turn into a quilt... or two... or more... would be my favorite Anna Maria Horner. I have a lot of her fabric, and I certainly plan on making many more quilts out of her many beautiful collections. But, I started with her Loulouthi line, and added a little bit of Field Study. As I was cutting lots of 5" squares, in the hopes of making a plus quilt (someday), I was getting more and more intrigued by the scraps! I kept thinking, "Gosh, even her scraps are beautiful! I hate to waste these... I must use them somehow..." So, instead of starting with the plus quilt, I started with the scraps. :) 

For my "Hot and Cold" quilt, I used my leftover 3" or so by 18" or so long scraps, and added some white sashing in between, keeping the warm colors on one side, and cool colors on the other. I didn't even make my scraps all neat and straight. I kinda like it a bit wonky. The colors are so bright and beautiful, and they pop with the white in between. Super quick and easy!

I kept the back simple as well, by using some Field Study linen in warm and cool colors, and adding my hexagons on each end in opposing colors. 

For my wonky cross quilt, I also had a lot of little tiny 5" by 1" or so scraps leftover from cutting up my 5" squares. I hated to throw them away, so I added them to a couple charm packs of white squares, trimmed them up and put them together in a cross shape. I added some thin white sashing between the crosses so they show up a little better. I also added some leftover scraps of Field Study for the border. I find wonky quilts so charming! I think mostly because they don't have to be so perfectly measured to be beautiful. :) 

Another simple back, using a big piece of my favorite Loulouthi design, Summer Totem in grapefruit. I had one leftover cross block, so I turned it into a hexagon. 

As for the quilting, I did some free-motion flowers and leaves on the "Hot and Cold" quilt, and my usual meandering stipple on the wonky cross quilt. I am so happy to finally have made some AMH quilts and have some COLOR in my boring brown house! :) 


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