Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My First Quilt

Doing some catching up... yesterday was "Migraine Monday" instead of my normal "Muffin Tin Monday". In fact, it should have been "Migraine 3-Day Weekend", but that doesn't sound as catchy. Again, I apologize for the lack of blog posts and follow up comments. I am not spending as much time on the computer since I don't want my migraine to return. But I did want to share this little tidbit with you... So, since I'm pretty sure my sister doesn't check out my blog very often, I thought it would be pretty safe to show this to all my bloggy friends. I recently finished my first quilt!

I started this quilt in July and took my time completing it. It is for my niece for Christmas. Her bedroom is decorated in pink and green colors. Most of the pinks and some of the yellows I used were scrap fabric my mom gave me from her stash. I got some extra yellows, pinks and greens to add to it. I figured the squares would be the easiest pattern for a starter quilt.

I did a simple backing. I made it bigger than the quilt top, then folded it over, pinned it, and sewed it to the top. Although it took some time, it was much easier than I thought it would be... and much faster than crocheting a blanket.

I sewed a letter "E" for her name on the middle square.

And I added a little tag. :)

What do you think?

I also started a cute one for my other niece, and now that I know how to make a quilt, I am thinking of making a bunch more!



love lives in the kitchen said...

i love this quilt! it's so very beautiful! and i love the label!
you're so talented!

Evenspor said...

It's a very pretty quilt!

Annette said...


Morgan said...

I think you did a great job! You're much quicker at finishing quilt projects than I am.

Where did you get the tag?

Kimi said...

Too cute. I'm sure your neice will love it.

Sara said...

That is lovely. I love the colours.

Lisa Anne said...

OMG did you make it by hand or do you use a sewing machine? I still have to finish my large blanket I am crocheting. It's just been way to hot to have that thing over my lap.

I think I want to learn to quilt, along with the hundreds of other projects I'm trying to learn. lol

Great job!!

Multiple personalities.. said...

That is quite beautiful! I haven't been by to visit in a while, and I must say, this is so great to see. I love it, and I'm sure the lucky gal who gets it will be very happy. What an awesome gift to open on Christmas.

Mama Mel said...

Thanks, everyone! :)

Morgan, I got the tag at Joann's, but I think most fabric stores have a small selection of them, or they can also be found online.

Lisa Anne, I don't think I have the patience for hand-sewing the entire thing... I used my machine... the best b-day gift ever from my mom! :)

Krimmyk said...

Wow, you are good! It looks darling, and the pattern is so peaceful and pleasing to the eyes! BTW, got the Monkey, he is DARLING! The pics really don't do him justice, and he is so much larger then I expected. I almost gave him to little dude the day we got him, I had to pack him away to save for Christmas. Thank you again!

BabeeLove said...

Nice quilt, good job :)

Miss Rowley said...

stopping by from SITS...
great blog i really like your blankets you are so creative. keep pu the great job.

The Royal Family said...

why have i not been visiting? I am a slacker! love this quilt and your blog making sure i'm a follower nw.

see you soon, Brandy

The buzz

Brandy said...

i'm loving your blog. came from tip junkie. I'm a new sewer and am eventually going to try to do a quilt for my 14month old. Was it hard to get the little squares so straight?