Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Baby Stuff...

So, I went to a friend's baby shower yesterday. 
She is also having a baby girl. :)
I made her a few things from me, and a few things for my sister-in-law to give her. 

I made this quilt for my sister-in-law to give. The baby's room will be in a star/moon theme, so I was happy to find this baby quilt panel in my stash. Some animal friends reading a bedtime story in the moonlight. I found some other fabrics in my stash to match as a border. 

I left the back simple again in a pale yellow flannel. Nice and soft. Did I tell you my son has been helping me take pics of my quilts? Hence, the cut off bottom of the quilt pic. He's almost 6... so not too bad. ;) Funny... I'll let him hold the $$$ camera, but not the quilts! LOL! I can just imagine him dragging it on the ground, or putting it over his head like a ghost. Those would make for some funny pics!

Here's a closer view of the panel. I think it's kinda sweet. The animals are so cute! 

I did an all-over meandering stipple, but added a few stars here and there. Can you see them? I found a perfect stripey (is that a word?) fabric for the binding. 

Here are some more things I made: 
Sorry for the bad lighting. :/

A fun little outfit. Onesie with heart patch, heart tights, and ruffle skirt. You can find a great free pattern for baby tights here, and you can get ruffle fabric here. It makes it super easy to sew up a pretty ruffle skirt, and many other clothes!

I love making pj's for any age. I think baby pj's are my fave, though. So tiny! You can make your own pattern for pajama pants using some old pj pants. Here is a great free pattern for baby pj pants. 

I like to applique a little snippet of the pant fabric to a onesie to make it more like an outfit. 

I know it looks like I'm using a lot of blue fabrics, even though these are for a girl, but I was trying to go with the theme. The fabric for these pants is called Moon Phases from Lizzie House's Constellations collection.  

I found a panel for a quiet book, with Snoopy and Woodstock, which also had lots of stars and moons throughout. Panels make it easy to make a homemade gift! :)

I made another onesie outfit. Just sewed a skirt around the waist of the onesie. Here is a great tutorial for a onesie dress. 

I used more of Lizzie House's Constellations fabric to make a snuggly baby blanket. 

Some more onesies that I sell in my Etsy shop as well. :) Tutu bum onesie...

...and necklace onesie, also with a little ruffle bum. :)

Burp cloths are easy to make with some cloth diapers and a strip of fabric. A little fancier than a plain burp cloth, and I know they will get a lot of use! 

 Did I tell you I love making baby stuff? Yeah. I do. :)

Hope you're having a great weekend! 


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