Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Ideas...

I've been busy making quilt tops for my son. I've decided instead of having a theme in his "Big Boy" room, we will just change things around every once in a while. Luckily, he's just like his Mama, and loves a lot of different things. So far, I have an Eric Carle quilt top done, and a robot themed quilt in progress. I also plan on making a transportation quilt using Ann Kelle's super cute Ready, Set, Go fabric collection. 

So, I had some little scraps left over from his Eric Carle quilt, and I couldn't see wasting the cute little bugs. Here's what I did instead... 

I just made some super easy applique onesies, using The Very Busy Spider, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the Very Lonely Firefly. I used my fancy schmancy Viking sewing machine to make some letters on a separate piece of fabric, and left it shabby, so the edges will fray a little bit in the wash. Underneath the spider, I put "I'm Busy"... the caterpillar, I put "I'm Hungry"... and since I thought it was too sad to say "I'm Lonely" under the firefly, I opted to sew "Wide Awake" instead. These onesies will be another little gift for our nephew due this fall. 

I also made a caterpillar onesie for our baby girl... due in 2 months! I can't believe we are going to meet her soon! :)

I've been busy getting things cleaned up, and getting the baby's room together. Hopefully I'll have a couple more finished projects to show you all soon! Have a great weekend!


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