Monday, February 15, 2010

Mini Monkey Quilt

Well, I suppose I could count this mini-quilt as one of the 12 quilts I'm going to make this year. Personally, I think its kind of cheating, since it was so easy to make compared to the bigger quilts. It only measures 17" by 17", a good size for dolls, for my sock animals, for baby, or as a wall hanging. I'm selling this quilt in my Etsy Shop. I'm hoping to add some more mini quilts... maybe some mini versions of the "I Spy" quilt that I made for my son.

I used the fabric from Moda's Goodnight Monkey collection. I think it is such a cute collection of fabrics! :) I used mostly the blue fabrics in this quilt, with the monkeys in their pajamas, and little Zzz's. I did a simple grid quilt pattern, and I really am happy with how it turned out.

Here's one of my monkeys ready for his nap. Hmm... I think he needs eyelids. ;)


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Sara E said...

very super cute! love the monkey quilt :)