Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craft Hope Project 6

Ta da! Here's my completed scarf for Craft Hope Project 6. This red scarf will be going to keep a foster teen's neck warm this winter! For this project, Craft Hope partnered with the Orphan Foundation of America for their Red Scarf Program, helping college bound youth with a Valentine's Day care package, including a red scarf.

My scarf is a very simple crochet pattern. I am by no means a "professional" crocheter. I've seen some of the other scarves going in, and they are just so gorgeous compared to mine! I need to learn how to read those patterns... they can be confusing! :/

I'm glad I was able to help out again with this amazing group! :)


1 comment:

SquirrelQueen said...

I think it is beautiful, I love that shade of red. Since I'm a non crocheter even this pattern looks complicated to me.

This sounds like a really worthy cause. It's great of you to help out.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend,