Thursday, August 19, 2010

Margaret's Hope Chest Quilt!

Yesterday, I finished my 14th quilt of the year! This is my quilt for Margaret's Hope Chest. Does it look familiar? I used this same fabric collection and almost the same design for my niece's quilt last Christmas. Since then, I have improved how I measure and cut my fabric pieces, and I've learned how to do free-motion quilting. Now I feel bad that my two nieces' quilts are not as nice looking as my newer ones are. I guess that means I'll just have to make them new ones! ;)

I didn't have my trusty quilt holder (aka, hubby) today, so I had to hang this up on the wall inside. I would have much rather taken pictures outside in the sunshine, but these pics will have to do.
So, in case you haven't heard of Margaret's Hope Chest before, here's a very short story. While they make quilts for many different people going through hard times, they also run a program called Wrapped in Hope where quilters can sign up to make a quilt for a child of a prisoner. The quilts are due by the child's birthday, as something nice to give them while their parent is away. You can read more about it at Margaret's Hope Chest or the MHC blog.

I was told that the little girl I'm making this quilt for likes horses and the color pink. So I thought this fabric collection was perfect, since it combines two of her favorite things! Plus, I had some leftover from my niece's quilt, so that was a major bonus! :) The fabric collection is called Castles and Carriages by Studio R Designs. It is very "Princessy", and while I don't really know this little girl, I kind of figure most little girls dream about being a Princess, right?

I did a basic patchwork design using the panel from the collection, and big sections of the other coordinating fabrics. I prefer the pinks and greens, so I used only those colors.

Lots of horses all around...

I used a pale pink thread for the quilting. I did my usual meandering stipple quilting method.

I left the back simple, using just the tone-on-tone pink crown fabric from the collection.

Close-up of crowns and quilting.

I used the green fairy princess fabric for the binding.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope it brings this little girl some smiles and warmth! :)


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Lindsay said...

What a beautiful quilt and a great cause!! Great job!