Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love U Baby Quilt--8th Quilt of the Year!

Here is my 8th quilt of the year! I am way ahead of schedule, which makes me very happy! This is a baby quilt for my sister's friend who is pregnant with her third child. My sister decided on neutral colors and loved Moda's Love U collection of fabrics. Since it came with a panel, this quilt was super easy to put together. I decided to make simple blocks and rectangle half-squares around the border of the quilt, with 2.5 inch white fabric in between the border design and the panel. It is still a fairly small quilt, but definitely large enough for a baby, or even to use as a throw.

I decided to do simple outline quilting around the letters and larger shapes on the inside of the panel, and outlined each letter square around the main picture.

My favorite letter in this panel was 'Q', of course... for 'Quilt'! :) Around the panel, I did some meandering or stipple quilting. I was amazed that I finished the quilting on this in about half a day! Granted, it was a much smaller quilt than my last three, but still..!

My backing was much simpler this time. I just used a large piece of the yellow alphabet fabric that coordinates with this collection.

I decided to conform and try the "usual" way of quilt binding this time... It was still pretty easy, but time consuming. Piecing the binding, then sewing it on the front part of the quilt was the easy part, since I could use my machine. But, then hand-sewing the binding to the back of the quilt was the time consuming part. Even though my fingers were a little bit raw after this, I was very happy with how the binding turned out, and I think I might continue doing my binding this way since it looks so pretty.

I finished this quilt on May 31st, which means I completed 4 quilts in the month of May! I can't believe it! I am currently working on 3 quilts, with plans for many more this year! "I think I can, I think I can..." ;)



Krimmyk said...

It's just darling Mel!

Laurel H. said...

Congrats! You're so efficient, and it's just darling!

Megan said...

So fun and bright and cheery! I love everything about it. Great job!

Lady Letterpress Stationary said...

Wow! Have you ever thought of selling these quilts? Its beautiful! I'm making a crib set for my second baby out of this fabric, but I've never quilted.... you've just inspired me though!

Mama Mel said...

Thanks, "Lady"! :) I absolutely love quilting and it is so nice to hear that I'm an inspiration to anyone! You made my day! Yes, I have sold a couple of quilts. Mostly mini quilts for babies, but also a couple of larger quilts. This year will be a little slower in the quilt-making since the basting process will get a little tricky to crawl all over the floor with a big belly. ;) This year I plan to make a new quilt for my son's big-boy room, and a quilt for my upcoming baby #2, as well as a quilt for my sister's first baby (a new niece or nephew). I'm just hoping I can get everything done before August!