Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glam Girl Quilt--9th Quilt of the Year is Completed!

Here is quilt #9 of the year. I made this for my niece. She will soon be celebrating her 6th birthday! I used the Glam Garden Spring collection of fabrics by Josephine Kimberling for Robert Kaufman. I loved all the bright colors in this fabric and thought it would be such a cheerful happy quilt once it was put all together.

I did run into one little problem with this design. I was originally thinking of just a simple patchwork quilt. So for the size I wanted, I decided I needed 150 squares of 4.5" each. So, I began cutting my fat quarters and I ended up with 147 squares... *sigh*! So, with my leftover strips of fabric, I decided to add them in between the patchwork squares, but then still was short on fabric. So, I did end up having to buy a little bit more, in the form of a lovely jelly roll of both the Summer and Spring collections of this fabric. Darn! I guess that means now I have extra to make into another pretty quilt... ;)

For the back, I used Kona Cotton in Bright Pink with a little strip of patchwork in the middle.

I did my favorite simple meandering quilting design all over. This was my first time using a multicolored thread. It was a pretty pink/purple mix that I thought looked so fun with the rest of the colors in this quilt.

For the binding, I used strips of Mingle Dots in Spring by Monaluna for Robert Kaufman. I am starting to enjoy the "normal" way of binding... hand-stitching the binding to the back. I've gotten better at it and now it doesn't take me as long. It is kinda nice to take a little break and sit there hand-sewing the binding on while watching a sappy chick flick. :) I also love the way it looks once it is all finished!

This is another quilt that I would love to keep for myself, but I am also really excited to give it to my niece. I hope she likes it! I think the colors really suit her lively personality. :)

I have multiple quilts in progress right now, but really 3 that are more "in progress" than the rest. I should be finishing up 2 of them very soon. I'm still thinking about a giveaway while I wait for my 100th follower...



Cindy's Crafty Creations said...

You made a beautiful quilt. I love the pink fabrics and the green dot binding.. I am so jealous that you have finished 9 quilts and it's only JUNE! lol How do you do it!

Tracy said...

That is a beatiful quilt! I am wanting to start with this hobby and am not sure where to start.

Debbie said...

It is so beautiful! I can't believe how productive you are.