Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Botanica Quilt Top

At my husband's suggestion, I will now try to post pictures of my quilt sketches along with the rest of the process of making my quilts. I had bought the lovely Botanica fabric collection by Lourdes Sanchez a while back, not sure what I was going to do with it, but knowing I wanted to make it into a quilt (obviously...). ;) After looking at it all stacked up pretty on my shelf, day after day, I decided that it was the perfect color combination for my sister... at least I hope so. I know she really loves purple and green, and she is majoring in Botany, so I figured it's darn near perfect! Here's my silly sketch. I was originally thinking I would get some more green fabric to add to the rest of the collection, but I decided against it. I might still add a border similar to the one in the drawing, but I'm done with the major portion of the quilt top.

And here it is... I love patchwork blocks... especially BIG blocks! Each block is a pieced fat quarter size (approximately 18" by 21"). I thought the big pieces would be great for such big flowery prints. I rearranged the blocks a little different from the sketch.

I'm still deciding on the border, but I'm thinking grey. And I think I'll go with either green or purple for the binding (or maybe something with both). I'm also leaning towards grey for the back, with a row of pieced blocks in between the solids. The finished quilt should be a lap quilt approximately 54" by 63". Again... stay tuned for more pics. :)

I am hoping to finish a couple more quilt tops before putting them all together and finishing the quilts, so at least I'll have the main portion done. I'll be working on some pillowcases the rest of this week for Craft Hope Project 9. :)



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Anastasia said...

That is beautiful. And I agree with the gray border.